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crafting’s siren song

crafting’s siren song

When I get interested in a new craft I have a tendency to dive in.  I don’t dabble a little to see if I like it, buying the minimum of supplies. I jump in headfirst, buying every supply I might need, because there is no point in doing anything halfway. 

My rationale is that I won’t like something if I’m doing it the hardest way possible, there have got to be cool, interesting gadgets that make it easier and more fun. To me, the cool gadgets are half the appeal of a new hobby, and I have to be prepared for those middle-of-the-night crafting urges. Sometimes the craft sticks (sewing), and sometimes I’m left with quantities of sad, lonely, dust-covered craft supplies tucked away in well-labeled drawers and boxes.

I’ve also succumbed to wishful hobbying – pretending that with the right supplies and equipment I would actually be good at [insert artistic craft here].  And I have always had a hard time passing by the brightly colored potential of a beautiful new set of markers or colored pencils or fimo clays, especially if they are on sale.

Digging through the layers of my office/craft room wish I’d ignored more of those crafting siren songs.  The quantity is a bit overwhelming to sort through, but worse is the realization of how much money I’ve spent on passing fancies and pretending (more on that next post). 

My solution is to focus on only two key crafts (painting & scrapbooking), and whittling those supplies down to a reasonable amount (e.g. only one paper cutter instead of four). I’m also keeping supplies I use for my costume design and boutique businesses, and getting rid of everything else. 

I’ve weeded through only one cabinet so far, and I’ve got two full boxes of craft supplies. A local summer kids program will soon be very happy.

My current stuff count is in the widget on the right.


stuff count

As of 4/13/11

Goodwill (charity):
[10] Moving boxes
[02] Book boxes
[02] Pieces of furniture

[02] Moving boxes

Craft supplies for a local center:
[02] Moving boxes

Recycling (paper, aluminum, glass):
[6] Tall kitchen garbage cans

[1] Large garbage bag